Meet Rachel.

In May 2016, Rachel Bow and her husband, Vance, opened the Maple House, a community house that offers tutoring, a community garden, and fellowship to its neighbors. Rachel is “going beyond” by taking the extra step to meet the needs of her neighbors.

Check out the conversation we had with Rachel below.

When did the Maple House open?

The Maple House was founded in May 2016.

What is the purpose of the Maple House (mission, goals?)

The goal of the Maple House is to be a connection point for people in our community, to have a place for members to come and to serve.  Local university students are able to get connected in the community and serve while they are in school. The Maple House is open to anyone who wants to fulfill their dreams of service to the community or who needs a place to feel welcome.

Can you tell me a bit about how the Maple House operates day to day?

Our biggest operation at the Maple House is tutoring on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Our tutors that we have primarily come from a local university which provides a way for students to get involved with the community. There is a community garden during the summer, too!  This summer we were really blessed to be able to hire some interns that were able to find projects that the community wanted.

What is your favorite part about your job?

My favorite part of my job is being able to form relationships with the people, especially the kids, and being able to teach them and try to show them that we care.  Something that really inspires me is to see people’s devotion to loving others and loving their neighbors.  It has just been really impactful to me.

Have there been any challenges and how do you overcome those challenges?

Because our mission is to reach out and be a connection point for the people in the community, sometimes we interact with people we feel are very different than us. It is hard to form a relationship with someone you feel is very different than you so you have to find a connection point. Something we have been very blessed with is a very strong team of people who have very different gifts and talents and who come from very different backgrounds which allow them to help form those connection points.

How does the Maple House “Go Beyond?”

I have learned from working at the Maple House that people who stay committed to service are the people that have gone beyond. It’s easy to push service in the background with day to day life but it is the people who keep coming to serve that have really gone above and beyond.