Meet Cheryl.

Cheryl spends hours every week volunteering at the Sharing Shoppe, a thrift store that donates 100% of its profit to a children’s home nearby. Cheryl believes going beyond is showing up and doing good because helping someone in need is always enough.

Tell me a little about the Sharing Shoppe.

The Sharing Shoppe benefits a local children’s home. Everything in here is donated to us so everything that we sell is a total profit, whether we sell it for 50 cents or 15 dollars. All the women and men that work here are volunteers.

How did you get connected with volunteering at the Sharing Shoppe?

One day, I thought to myself that I could give 4 hours of my week to volunteer for such a good cause that needed help so I went one day to check it out.  I told my sister about it and now we get to spend that time together every week. There are other ladies that we all just have formed a little friendship with.

How long have you volunteered at the Sharing Shoppe?

I have volunteered at the Sharing Shoppe for Four years now.

Why do you continue to volunteer at the Sharing Shoppe?

Because there’s a need… I still feel like I should be able to give four hours of my week.

How does the Sharing Shoppe go beyond?

It goes beyond in lots of ways. It gives people an opportunity to get rid of their things. Gives people an opportunity to volunteer. It gives people an opportunity to shop that can’t afford it somewhere else. It benefits the children’s home and all their programs. Every day we are open, we always feel good about the money we make because it was worth it to be here. It’s always enough, it’s not always a ton but if we can fund some of [the children’s home] work then it’s worth it. That’s going beyond in my opinion.