Fabian Lavater


Man of the Mountains

“Man of the Mountains” is a piece I did a while ago and I guess I just love to draw beards. Before I started drawing mountains and waves on a regular basis, I mainly drew superheroes and faces. So I still like to draw faces every now and then. I had the idea to combine sort of my old and my new motives. Maybe I also like to draw beards because I can’t grow a proper beard myself…


This illustration sort of shows the “struggle” I face basically every winter. I am from Switzerland, so the mountains are much closer than the waves, but still, there is not much better than a winter surf trip to a warmer place to look for waves…but of course, money and time are limited, so it’s always a trade-off between waves and mountains. 

Unusual Surfing Buddies

For every surfer, surfing with their friends are probably always the best sessions one can have and it always makes me smile, which should also be the ultimate goal of surfing in my opinion. This illustration, if it makes you smile, then I probably reached my goal, maybe it also reminds you of a session with your surf buddy.